Management Science Faculty

Burcu Tan
Assistant Professor

Office location: GW 1 - Room 546
Phone: 504.865.5038


Selected Publications

Tan, B., Qi Feng, and Wen Chen, “Dual Sourcing under Random Supply Capacities: The Role of the Slow Supplier”, forthcoming at Production and Operations Management.

Anderson, E.G., G. G. Parker, and B. Tan, “Platform Performance Investment with Network Externalities”, Information Systems Research, 25 (1), 2013.

Tan, B., E. G. Anderson, J. S. Dyer, and G. G. Parker, “Evaluating System Dynamics Models of Risky Projects Using Decision Trees: Alternative Energy Projects as an Illustrative Example,” System Dynamics Review, 26 (1), 2010.

Chen, W. and B. Tan, "Dynamic Procurement from Multiple Suppliers with Random Capacities", Forthcoming at Annals of Operations Research