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Jasmijn Bol
Bol, J.C., S. Kramer and V.S. Maas. 2016. How control system design affects performance evaluation compression: The role of information accuracy and outcome transparency. Accounting, Organizations and Society, forthcoming.

Bol, J.C. and J. Lill. 2015. Performance Target Revisions in Incentive Contracts: Do Information and Trust Reduce Ratcheting and the Ratchet Effect? The Accounting Review, 90(5):1755-1778.

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Bol, J.C. 2011. The Determinants and Performance Effects of Managers’ Performance Evaluation Biases. The Accounting Review 86(5): 1549-1575

R. Lynn Hannan
Hannan, R. L. 2016. “Discussion of ‘Communicated Values as Informal Controls: Gaining Accuracy While Undermining Productivity?’” forthcoming Contemporary Accounting Research.

Church, B. K., R. L. Hannan, and J. X. Kuang. 2014. “Information Acquisition and Honesty in Managerial Reporting.” Contemporary Accounting Research 31: 398-419.

Hannan, R. L., K. L. Towry, and Y. Zhang 2013. “The Effect of Mutual Monitoring on Effort in Tournament Contracts.” Contemporary Accounting Research 30:1401-1426

Hannan, R. L., G. P. McPhee, A. H. Newman, and I. D. Tafkov. 2013. “The Effect of Relative Performance Information on Effort Allocation and Performance in a Multi-Task Environment.” The Accounting Review 88 (2): 553-575.

Church, B. K., R. L. Hannan, and J. X. Kuang. 2012. “Shared Interest and Honesty in Budget Reporting.” Accounting, Organizations, and Society 37(3): 155-167

Adrienna Huffman
Decision-Useful Asset Measurement from a Business Valuation Perspective
Matching Measurement to Asset Use: Evidence from IAS 41

Earnings Management Proxies: Prudent Business Decisions or Earnings Manipulation?

Competing Reporting Objectives and Financial Reporting Quality

Deen Kemsley
Valuation of the Debt Tax Shield
Dividend Taxes and Share Prices: Evidence from Real Estate Investment Trusts

The Share Price Effects of Dividend Taxes and Tax Imputation Credits

Capital Gains and Dividend Taxes in Firm Valuation: Evidence of Triple Taxation

Dividend Taxation in Firm Valuation: New Evidence

M.H. Carol Liu
Liu, M.H.C., S. Tiras, and Z. Zhuang. 2014. Audit Committee Accounting Expertise, Expectations Management, and Nonnegative Earnings Surprises. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 33(2): 145-166.

Bryan, D., M.H.C. Liu, S. Tiras, and Z. Zhuang. 2013. Optimal versus Suboptimal Choices of Accounting Expertise on Audit Committees and Earnings Quality. Review of Accounting Studies 18(4): 1123-1158.

Liu, M.H.C., and Z. Zhuang. 2011. Management Earnings Forecasts and the Quality of Analysts’ Forecasts: The Moderating Effect of Audit Committees. Journal of Contemporary Accounting & Economics 7: 31-45.

Gans Narayanamoorthy
Cao, Z. and G. Narayanamoorthy (2014), "Accounting and Litigation Risk: Evidence from D&O Insurance Pricing" Review of Accounting Studies Vol. 19, Issue 1, 1-42
Beck, P. and G. Narayanamoorthy (2013), Did the SEC Impact Banks

Cao, S. and G. Narayanamoorthy (2012), "Earnings Volatility, Post-Earnings Announcement Drift and Trading Frictions" Journal of Accounting Research 50 41-74

Cao, Z. and G. Narayanamoorthy (2011) "The Effect of Litigation Risk on Management Earnings Forecasts" Contemporary Accounting Research 28-1 125–173

John Page
"Bank Accounting Practices and Current Financial System Uncertainty", The CPA Journal

Padmakumar Sivadasan
Doogar R., P. Sivadasan, and I. Solomon. 2015. Audit Fee Residuals: Costs or Rents? Review of Accounting Studies 20(4): 1247-1286.

Doogar R., S. P. Rowe, and P. Sivadasan. 2015. Asleep at the Wheel (Again)? Bank Audits During the Lead-up to the Financial Crisis. Contemporary Accounting Research 32(1): 358-391.

Doogar R., P. Sivadasan, and I. Solomon. 2010. The Regulation of Public Company Auditing: Evidence from the Transition to AS5 Journal of Accounting Research 48(4): 795-814.

Ira Solomon
Doogar, R., P. Sivadasan, and Ira Solomon, “Audit Fee Residuals: Costs or Rents, Review of Accounting Studies, March 2015, pp. 14-28.

Peecher, M. E. and I. Solomon, “PCAOB’s Audit Failure Rate is Highly Suspect,” CFO Magazine, February 27, 2014.

Peecher, M.E. I. Solomon, and K.T. Trotman, “An Accountability Framework for Financial Statement Auditors and Related research Questions,” Accounting, Organizations & Society, Vol. 38, December 2013, pp. 596-620.

Budescu, D., Peecher, M.E. and Ira Solomon, “The Joint Influence of the Extent and Nature of Audit Evidence, Materiality Thresholds, and Misstatement Type on Achieved Audit Risk,” Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, May 2012, pp. 19-41.


Robert Hansen
Can analysts pick stocks for the long-run? with Oya Altınkılıç and Liyu Ye, 2016. Journal of Financial Economics 119, 3711-398.

What is the value of sell-side analysts? Evidence from coverage changes. A discussion, 2015. Journal of Accounting and Economics 60, 58-64.

Are Analysts Forecasts Informative to the General Public? with Oya Altınkılıç and Vadim Balashov, 2013. Management Science 59, 2550-2565.

On the Information Role of stock Recommendation Revisions, with Oya Altınkılıç, 2009. Journal of Accounting and Economics 48, 17-36.

Discounting and Underpricing in Seasoned Equity Offers (published as lead article), with Oya Altınkılıç, 2003. Journal of Financial Economics 69, 285-323.

Nishad Kapadia
Firm-specific risk and equity market development
Tracking down distress risk

Death and Jackpot: Why Do Individual Investors Hold Overpriced Stocks?

Zeigham Khokher
ARLSON, M., KHOKHER, Z. and TITMAN, S. (2007), Equilibrium Exhaustible Resource Price Dynamics. The Journal of Finance, 62: 1663–1703.

Robert Prilmeier

Russell Robins
Estimating Time Varying Risk Premia in the Term Structure: The Arch-M Model
No More Weekend Effect

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