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Need some business assistance with your project? The Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation engages business graduate and undergraduate students in providing pro bono services to the Tulane, urban and regional communities. Fill out this request form to give us a better idea of what you’re working on. The Lepage Center reviews each submission on a case by case basis. Projects may be handled internally by Lepage Fellows under the guidance of Lepage Center staff or submitted to the Tulane Entrepreneurial Association or the Freeman Consulting Group for further assistance. Filling out a project request form is a great first step to kick starting your project. We will do our best to give you the feedback and resources needed to move your venture forward.

Organization Name:

Contact Person:





The project is primarily:
Business Planning
Human Resources

In order for us to best satisfy your business needs, please tell us a bit about your business.

Purpose/Mission of Your Organization:

 For Profit     Not For Profit

Approximately how many clients does your organization serve each year?
Less than 50 50-200 200-500 500 - 1000 1000 - 5000 More than 5000

Background: Describe who you are, what you offer and how it works.

What is the biggest challenge facing your organization?

What problem is your project working to solve?

What is your proposed solution?

What is unique about the organization or concept?
Please describe your target markets/clients:?

What is your competitve advantage?(Why would a client choose to work with you over the competition?)

What resources do you have and what do you need?

What are your expected outcomes for this project?

Are you eligible for or have you received assistance from the following programs? (follow links for more information and check all that apply)

If we are unable to fill your request in the current semester, we will keep your request on file. By filling out this form you understand that the information stated on this document may be posted on the Internet for student accessibility. Lepage Center staff can be reached by calling (504)865-5306.

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