Serena Loftus

Assistant Professor

Office GW1 - Room 547
Phone 504-314-7562
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Professor Serena Loftus joined Freeman School of Business in 2015, after obtaining her Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington. Professor Loftus's current research focuses on how psychological processes shape reactions to internal and external accounting information. Professor Loftus specializes in the role of qualitative accounting information in performance management systems and financial disclosures.


ACCN 3010 - Managerial Accounting

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Serena Loftus' recently published research paper examines how the use of causal language — commonly expressed through words such as “because” or “thus” — in employee performance reviews impacts the employee’s subsequent performance.

Professor Loftus is passionate about incorporating data analysis and case analysis into her teaching. This approach allows her students to practice and improve their analytical thinking skills, and helps them prepare for their future careers.

Professor Loftus loves to work with companies to study their performance management systems. Her research draws from her experience in the retail industry.


Because of "Because": Examining the Use of Causal Language in Relative Performance Feedback

Managers' Self-Inclusive Language in Conference Calls: Multi-Method Evidence

Education & Affiliations

Ph.D., Accounting – University of Washington.

M.P.A., Accounting – The University of Texas at Austin.

B.B.A., Accounting, Business Honors (Management)
B.A., Economics – The University of Texas at Austin.


Professor Loftus spent her childhood in Glasgow, Scotland, and emigrated to the United States with her family when she was 10. People often ask her if she is from Minnesota based on her accent!

Professor Loftus loves to read books about economics, psychology, leadership, and history. She also loves detective fiction, and her favorite detectives are Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, and Kerry Greenwood's Miss Phryne Fisher.

Professor Loftus loves music and enjoys experiencing the rich music culture of New Orleans. She loves classical music, big band, blues, and jazz.