R. Lynn Hannan


Area Coordinator

Jayne Ritchey Cohen Chair of Business Administration

Office 502
Phone 504-862-8473
Email rhannan@tulane.edu
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Professor R. Lynn Hannan is one of the senior faculty members in accounting, and she demonstrates dedication to the health of the program through both instruction and extensive leadership. She serves as the Faculty Director for the MA of Accounting program and as the Accounting Area Coordinator, helping to implement the dean’s strategy for the Freeman School.

Professor Hannan’s award-winning research in management accounting investigates how to design accounting control systems that motivate employees to behave in ways that benefit their organizations.

Prior to coming to Tulane, Professor Hannan was a faculty member at Georgia State University, where she served as a Professor of Accounting and Director of the Accounting PhD program; she has a professional background in tax compliance in government and industry.


Professor Hannan teaches in the MBA programs in New Orleans and Houston, including the first accounting course that covers external and internal reporting and a course on managerial accounting.


Freeman Service & Outreach:

Professor Hannan is very active behind the scenes at Freeman. Beyond her focus on Freeman’s research footprint, she serves on the Promotion & Tenure Committee, evaluating performance of all faculty. She also interacts extensively with major accounting firms – in the U.S. and abroad – to foster job opportunities and to ensure that Freeman’s programs stay on the cutting edge.

Award-Winning Research:

Professor Hannan’s work has won national awards, including the Notable Contribution to Accounting Literature Award, which is the highest award granted by the American Accounting Association. She has also won the Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Award, and the McLaughlin Prize for Research in Accounting Ethics. Her articles are published in prestigious scholarly journals including The Accounting Review, Contemporary Accounting Research, Review of Accounting Studies, Accounting, Organizations and Society, and the Journal of Labor Economics.

Industry Thought Leadership:

Professor Hannan’s influence extends throughout the profession. She is currently serving as Associate Editor for Contemporary Accounting Research, and just completed her term as Associate Editor for the Journal of Management Accounting Research. She regularly speaks at conferences, and was recently a keynote speaker at the Global Management Accounting Research Symposium in Copenhagen.


Arnold, M. C, R. Gillenkirch, and R. L. Hannan. 2018. “The Effect of Environmental Risk on the Efficiency of Negotiated Transfer Prices," forthcoming Contemporary Accounting Research.

Arnold, M. C., R. L. Hannan and I.D. Tafkov. 2018. "Team Member Subjective Communication in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Teams." forthcoming The Accounting Review

Hannan, R. L. 2016. “Discussion of ‘Communicated Values as Informal Controls: Gaining Accuracy While Undermining Productivity?’” Contemporary Accounting Research 33 2435-1439..

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Memorable Moment

Professor Hannan enjoys playing word games, like crossword puzzles and Scrabble. A former MBA student is her toughest competitor in the app Words with Friends, and once he let her win for her birthday.

Education & Affiliations

University of Pittsburhg, Ph.D. in Business Administration

University of Pittsburgh, B.A. in English Literature

Duquesne University, B.S. in Business Administration

American Accounting Association
Canadian Academic Accounting Association
Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) Research Foundation Board of Directors


Enjoys sailing Lake Pontchartrain on her 28 foot Catalina; her favorite vacation is sailing in the Caribbean, where she crews on a boat like the one in the photo.

Favorite dance is the hustle (think Saturday Night Fever), but she also also enjoys West Coast swing and cha cha.

She lives Uptown and enjoys riding her bike or walking to Tulane.