J. Cameron Verhaal

Assistant Professor

Office GWBC 603
Phone 504.314.2009
Email jverhaal@tulane.edu
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Professor Verhaal's research focuses on growth and competitive dynamics of small, entrepreneurial firms. Specifically, he is interested in how organizations in craft-based industries (i.e., organic foods, craft beer, handmade products) manage growth, particularly when it undermines their identity or reputation as authentic, small scale, and traditional producers.

His research has been published in Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, and Journal of Management.


Barlow, M., Verhaal, J.C., and Angus, R. (2019). Optimal Distinctiveness, Strategic Categorization, and product Market Entry in the Google Play App Platform. Strategic Management, Journal (Forthcoming).

Barlow, M., Verhaal, J.C., and Hoskins, J. (2018). Guilty By Association: Product Level Category Stigma and Audience Expectations in the U.S. Craft Beer Industry. Journal of Management, 44(7), 2934-2960

Verhaal, J.C., Hoskins, J., and Lundmark, L. (2017). Little Fish in a Big Pond: Legitimacy Transfer, Authenticity, and Factors of Peripheral Competition in the Market Center. Strategic Management Journal, 38(12), 2532-2552.

Verhaal, J.C., Khessina, O., and Dobrev, S. (2015). Oppositional Product Names, Organizational Identity, and Product Appeal. Organization Science 26(5), 1466-1484.

Education & Affiliations

Ph.D., University of Utah, 2014
MBA, University of Arizona, 2007
M.A., Georgetown University, 2003
B.A., University of Colorado, 1999