Jason Sandvik

Assistant Professor

Office 555
Phone 504-314-7926
Email jsandvik@tulane.edu
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My research focuses primarily on the organization design of corporate boards, executive compensation, and experimentation to address questions in labor economics. My early work on corporate boards considers the consequences of directors closely monitoring management, and my most recent work analyzes the gender dynamics of boards. My papers on executive compensation connect CEO pay to distortions in corporate decision-making and firm performance. My research in labor economics has used field experiments within organizations to study the flow of knowledge between coworkers. My work has been presented at multiple meetings of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Prior to pursuing graduate studies, I worked as a NCAA football recruiting assistant at Brigham Young University, where I also worked as a practice assistant with the Women's Basketball Team.


Financial Management

Education & Affiliations

University of Utah- PhD in Finance

Brigham Young University- BS in Mathematics with minors is Philosophy, Sociology, and Business Administration


Rock Climbing


Mountain Biking