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Anu Varadharajan comes to Tulane with a rich professional background and a sharp, real-world focus. She has worked for Ernst & Young in Singapore and spent nine years at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC. She continues to accumulate entrepreneurial expertise through SONA Organics, her line of natural, organic, handcrafted skin care products.

She worries that too many people find “tax people” boring, and works to change her students’ thinking by responding to diverse learning styles and by bringing real-world challenges into the classroom.


Professor Varadharajan teaches tax classes – corporate, individual and legal entities – in the graduate program. Her teaching style is hands-on and geared toward professional skills that apply to real-world situations. She has even written a case book she uses in class.


Practical, Hands-On Teaching
In her previous position at the University of Illinois, Professor Varadharajan consistently appeared on the List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent. Her students come to class thinking in numbers, but through her hands-on instruction and use of the Socratic method, she pushes students to understand the law with respect to taxes and to synthesize their learning.

Global Perspective
Having grown up in Singapore and worked for global accounting firms EY and PwC, Professor Varadharajan is aware of the demands of the profession in today’s cross-cultural workplace, and she draws on her international perspective to inform her teaching.

Memorable Moment

Professor Varadharajan’s favorite moments occur at the end of every semester, when students demonstrate the delayed happiness that comes from realizing all their hard work and learning has moved them closer to their career goals. One year, she was especially proud when one of her students was accepted into every law school she applied to (and chose Harvard).

Education & Affiliations

Simon Business School, University of Rochester, M.B.A.

National University of Singapore, B.A. in Business Administration


ACCA (Association for Certified Chartered Accountants)


Running her organic skincare business.

Riding my motorcycle!